The Living vs. The Drunk Driver

10 years Later


It has been a challenging 10 years.  Both from a medical standpoint and financial/insurance.

I see Mr. Beavin has been granted parole.  At the time of the trial, he could have gotten between 25 years to Life.  He had two previous felonies.  I was his third.  I could not believe that at the time of the accident, he had just gotten out prison and was driving a stolen vehicle.

The Louisville District Attorney cut him a "deal" for 16 years.  With me laying in the hospital, more dead then alive, and this jerk gets a deal!

My insurance company - State Farm (SF).  Thanks for nothing.  I had to spend over $16K in legal fees before they would agree to pay my six-figure medical bills.  With Beavin having no insurance, State Farm was going to be stuck with the whole bill.  But then SF got the idea that they would let the government pick up the tab.

I was in the Army Reserve at the time, and a veteran of 7 years Active Army.  The claims agent told me to get my bills paid from the military.  Only problem with that, I had very limited medical benefits from the Army Reserve.  Plus, federal law states that private insurance becomes the primary payer.  Add to that the fact that my insurance has unlimited coverage and it's no wonder SF was declining to cover my bills.  I guess they never expected me to get an attorney.  Surprise Surprise.

Too bad we never went to court.  It would have been a real tear-jerker for the jury to hear my story, a soldier serving his country, and SF refusing to honor the insurance policy.  Here it is 2006, and they are still playing games with me.  Even my local agent is amazed.  He had tried to intervene for me, but the claims office told him to back off.

The future.  Well my doctor told me that I am starting to develop arthritis in my lower exterminates.  My legs and hips were crushed in the accident.  I will be getting a hip and knee replacement in the future.  My doc wants to wait as long as possible before doing the operation.  They want the replacements to out live me.  A second operation would be difficult.

I look back over the last decade and see how this has tested my character.  It made me stronger as well.  I wish it had not happened, but you can't undo what was done.  It has been great to met other disabled veterans and help them out as needed.  To encourage them to maintain that warrior mindset.

Jim Volstad

March 2006


It is now three years later and still no hip replacement.  As usual State Farm is waiting the VA to pick up the tab for this very expensive operation.  This will not be your standard hip replacement due to all the metal in my body.  Talking with my private doctor, I think we could be looking at $200K easy just for inpatient care.  No surprise.

I am try to get my local agent involved with this claim.  I don't have a problem paying for the operation up front, but if I don't get paid back then I could be out six figures.  Matt Dean's office basically told me that they do not care and in fact they think that State Farm has paid enough!

Meanwhile the pain is getting worse and I am losing my ability to walk.

I spoke with the Fort Sam Houston JAG office to see if they would help me.  Sorry, you are on your own.

Jim Volstad

March 2009




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