Witness to my accident



Mr. Volstad,


I spoke with you last week while you were in the JAG Office at Fort Knox.  We discussed your MVA. 


That evening I asked my husband and one of my brothers what they remembered about the accident.  Your name, color of car, injuries, date, etc.  I didn't tell them that I had spoken to you.  No one could remember your name.  We didn't know it that night, I'm sure your attorney told them when he spoke to them, but they couldn't remember.  It was your accident that we witnessed. 


You were driving a white car, no one remembered what it was, but it was white.  Two of my brothers were driving white cars also. 


There were 16 members of my family in 5 vehicles going the same direction as you were.  There were 3 brothers, 1 sister, me, our mom, my husband, 1 brother-in-law, 2 sister-in laws, 1 girlfriend & 5 kids ( 3 were mine).  I was in the vehicle behind one brother driving a white car, so I knew he hadn't been hit.  The other brother, driving a white car, was in front of him & our mother was in that car.


We all swerved in the second that we saw the lights & realized what was happening, some had closer calls than others.  We were all in the right lane we just can't remember if you were in the left lane or just in between us.  No one could really remember, it happened so fast.  Two brothers were in front, then you, another brother, me & then my sister behind us.


The crash happened beside my car & the brother in front of us, debris was thrown on our cars. 


A brother's girlfriend handed me her dad's cell phone (none of us had cell phones at the time) to call 911.  Another brother had a flashlight & ran to your car.  It was very cold that night.  I had a blanket in my car as did a sister-in-law.  My brother couldn't budge the driver's door, but he did get the driver's side back door open.  He put a blanket on you & one to cover the windshield.  There was so much broken glass & he was afraid what was left of your windshield was going to fall onto you.  He spoke to you, but of course, you couldn't answer, he said you just moaned.


We still can't figure out how it happened the way it did, it could have been any of us.  The family was glad when I told them I had spoken to you & how you were doing.  We have talked about that accident often, we all thought of you, I'm sure they all said a prayer for you.  One thing I can guarantee you is that my mom definitely prayed for you.  That's just the way she is.


This may be more than you wanted to know, but I just had to drop you a line after talking to them.  I just wish I could explain how excited they were when I told them I had spoken to you.  Especially the brother that got to your car first, he's younger than me (of course), he's a great big boy, with a heart just as big.  He was close to the impact & I know it bothered him thinking about it, after the fact.  He reacts well under pressure.  It just shows we did think of you often.  We're all glad you're doing so well.

Take care,


SJA Claims

Fort Knox KY 40121



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